University of Lahore

Generally it is believed that no nation can develop without a good education system and “No system is better than its teachers.” We also believe that teachers are agents for change and meaningful change can only be brought in Pakistani Education System through well versed teachers. The teachers who can develop creative educational material and coop with educational reforms. Primary objective of this faculty is dissemination of the professional skills and knowledge in the way that is ultimately needed for development o our country. Here we provide an inspiring environment to improve practices of teaching and examination. We are also committed to provide academic leadership which can contribute to the policies and practices in education according to our social, psychological and ideological needs. Our qualified and skilled faculty is able to use their knowledge and experience to contribute to prepare teachers who can serve to bring reforms in classroom teaching, curriculum development and examination practices.

Dean Message

It’s my privilege to serve as the Dean of this remarkable Faculty, at The University of Lahore.

On behalf of the students, faculty and administrators I welcome to the page. We are committed to excellence in education, scholarship and service to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and the support they need, now and in the future. We offer innovative programs of study utilizing active learning approaches that are student-centered and encourage life-long learning. As a community of scholars, we are committed to the discovery, communication and application of the basic knowledge. Our graduates are prepared for careers in their chosen profession with a focus on our responsibilities for the public good and service that is grounded in ethics and social justice.

We are proud of the education our students receive, with its emphasis on diversity, innovation, technology and research-based practices. Our professors are competent in their fields who pride themselves on their quality programs, high standards, and dedication to students. Our all BS 4-years/ M.Phil/PhD programs are approved by the HEC.

The faculty and I are committed to ensuring that each of you receives the assistance and support needed to become a leader in the particular field. We believe the partnership you develop, combined with the strength of the skills and experiences you require while you are here will enable you to make a difference. No matter what your focus you will be prepared for a rewarding and challenging career.

Please also consider visiting us on campus to learn more about the academic and career opportunities available to you through the University. Explore our site for details about our exciting events and significant research programs. Join us and launch your future.

HOD Message

Education Department of this University was established in 2014 on the understanding that education is the backbone of all progress so we should instill the power of Leadership among messes. That is why our mission is to bring change through mental, health and effectuate. Thus with the aspirations of stakeholders. We are offering need based and market oriented courses to settle our graduate on the positions of high grit, and are determined to keep it more and more updated.